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GerbTool Functional Matrix

Product Comparison

Below is a general comparison between VisualCAM and GerbTool bundles.
For a more detailed feature matrix and product information, see the GerbTool brochure (262Kb PDF).
For more information on Embedded Passive support, see the Embedded Passive Analysis brochure (2.25KB PDF)

  VisualCAM™ GerbTool™
 Features1 VisualCAM Designer Inspector Inspector Viewer
 Information x x x x x
 Import x x x x x
 Export x x x x  
 IPC-2581 Import/Export x x x x  
 ODB++ Import/Export x x x x  
 Modification x x x x  
 Redline Mark-Up x x x x  
 Macro/Scripting x x x    
 Optimization x x x    
 Quoting Information x x x    
 Design Rules Checking
 (DRC)  w/AutoCorrect
x x x    
 Netlist Import, Export,
 & Compare
x x Optional    
 Integrated NC-Drill Editor x x      
 Panelization (Basic) x x      
 Auto-Dimensioning x x      

 Mask Generation
 & Optimization

x x      
 Design for Fabrication
 (DFF)  w/AutoCorrect
x Optional Optional    
 Embedded Passive
x Optional Optional    
 DirectCAM™ Import x Optional Optional    
 PADS™ ASCII Import x Optional Optional Optional Optional
 Integrated NC-Mill Editor x Optional Optional N/A N/A
 N/A Panelization
x Optional   N/A N/A
 N/A Assembly Reverse
 Bare-Board Test Fixturing x